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Установка сигнализации A. P. S. ЦЗ на все 5 дверей

Установка сигнализации A.P.S. + ЦЗ на все 5 дверей

Прикупил сегодня сигнализацию A.P.S. 2800, 4 привода замков дверей фирмы StarLine и 4 гофры на двери. Надо еще докупить соленоид замка багажника.
В ближайшее время буду ставить либо с другом, либо в сервисе.

Ура, пришел этот день и этот час — 20/11/11 мы с другом-автоэлектриком поставили сигналку за 5 часов и заодно подключили обогрев зеркал. )))

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Все изделия соответствуют стандартам и подходят для той или иной модели автомобиля. Наши менеджеры помогут вам подобрать товар по характеристикам или артикулу.

Алгоритм покупки

Высокая надежность и практичность

Изготовление из стандартизированных материалов

Функциональность и дополнительные опции

Защищенность корпуса и прочность

Обновление модельного ряда

Features [ edit ]

Like for all other S-Class generations, the W221 introduced a raft of improved and new features and systems. [11] The standard COMAND now also controlled more of these features and/or provided access to additional settings for various functions, including the HVAC system and seat controls.

Safety [ edit ]

    (ESP): standard on the S-Class since the W220 model and similar to the systems fitted to other Mercedes vehicles, this system measures driver inputs and compares these to the vehicle’s path. If these diverge, ESP brakes single wheels selectively to eliminate oversteer (fishtailing) and understeer (plowing), and reduces engine power, if necessary. ESP includes anti-lock braking (ABS) and traction control (ASR) within its wider functions. and (for vehicles with the optional Distronic Plus system) Brake Assist Plus: a system that recognises emergency braking and increases the braking force (according to Mercedes-Benz 90% of drivers are too hesitant with the brakes in an emergency). Brake Assist Plus uses the radar to apportion brake pressure based on sensor data and measured distance between the car and vehicles or other objects in front. adjustable speed limiter for not exceeding a set speed on roads with speed limits.
  • Distronic Plus radar controlled cruise control (optional, standard cruise control on other cars), an evolution of the Distronic system introduced on the W220, which maintains a safe distance to the previous vehicle and now can bring the car to a full stop if necessary. and Pre-Safe Plus for vehicles with Distronic Plus: a development of the previous Pre-Safe system fitted to the W220 S-Class, which uses vehicle-dynamic sensors to predict collisions and trigger precautionary measures to protect the vehicle occupants, the W221’s Pre-Safe Plus system also takes into account closing speed, as measured by the vehicle’s radar. If a collision appears likely, Pre-Safe closes all windows and the sunroof, moves all passenger’s seats and their head restraints to a safer position, and tightens the seatbelts. It also inflates the air chambers in the side bolsters of the optional multi-contour seats and (from 2006) engages Pre-Safe Brakes in order to reduce speed and therefore severity of impact. headlights with Active Light Function swivelling curve light : optional, uses two near-infrared (NIR) illuminators mounted in the headlamp clusters and a camera in the windshield. The infrared beams are picked up by the camera and an image is displayed in the instrument cluster. Mercedes-Benz claims that this system provides the same viewable distance as high-beam headlights, without blinding oncoming motorists.
  • Automatically dimming rear-view mirror and driver’s door mirror
  • Seat belt pre-tensioners, belt force limiters and automatic belt height adjustment, front and rear
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The W221 also contains many other safety features, including front and rear crumple zones, eight dual-stage air bags, anti-lock brakes (ABS), collapsible steering column, and traction control.

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