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Here’s What Made The Mercedes-Benz 190E Evolution I And II So Awesome

The Mercedes-Benz 190E Evolution models are unlike anything else the German car manufacturer has ever made.

Back in the 80s, there was a serious arms race between BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The prize was the overall victory in the coveted DTM racing series.

At the time they were the two heavy hitters and both brought out exceptional homologation specials. The BMW M3 went on to become something more than just a dedicated homologation car. It was also produced in relatively large numbers, at least compared to the more exclusive 190E Evo cars, although it should be noted that the M3 too had an Evo variant. It was that car that pushed Mercedes-Benz to develop the Evo II, something that would at the very least keep up with the BMW on the road and take the fight to it on track.

Surprisingly, on track it was the Merc that would come out tops, skidding into the record books and posters all over the world.

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